Promo Video

We finished my video recorded at studio Villa Fidelity!

I 'd like to thank everybody that made this possible: Niels Barends, Richard Moelker, Federico Solazzo, Rose Spearman & Roland Pupupin

Blink of an Eye

Together with Drumschool Cleuver drummers Richard Moelker & Richard Heijerman in a recording session with this excellent group of Dutch musicians:

Lodewijk van Gorp (Lead Vocals)
Dedre Twiss (Backing Vocals)
Wouter Planteijdt (Guitar)
Nico Brandsen (Hammond Organ)
Robin Koerts (Bass)
recorded & mixed by Niels Barends in studio Villa Fidelity

Cirque Stiletto

I played the drums in Stardust Theatre production 'Cirque Stiletto', a spectacular show featuring leading lady Ellen ten Damme

Circus Yab Yum

I played the drums in Stardust Theatre production 'Yab Yum - Het Circus van de Nacht' featuring Richard Groenendijk, Nelly Frijda, Annick Boer, Bas Muijs and Rutger Le Poole

Basic Fit

Photoshoot of a Basic Fit commercial

Interview SWK Cirque Stiletto

In april 2011 the Dutch Drum magazine Slagwerkkrant ran a story on my performance in Cirque Stiletto

CLICK HERE to read the article