The Story Of Emilie

Raised in a musical family, daughter of popsinger Bojoura and drummer Hans Cleuver (founder of Drumschool Cleuver and drummer of the band Focus a.o.), Emilie learned drumming at her parents’ knees.

Drumschool Cleuver has been a famous (drum)school in the Netherlands since the early eighties. Since the founding of this school, Emilie got in contact with music and professional musicians and from then on she knew she wanted to be a drummer. As a young child she was found frequently in the studio’s with one of the teachers training & exercising or just playing to music. She was raised with music of e.g. Prince, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Earth Wind & Fire and Toto.

During High School, she started serious lessoning. Her teachers were father Hans Cleuver, Eveline Carels, Oscar Kraal, Richard Heijerman, Richard Moelker, Hans Eijkenaar & Arie den Boer a.o.
After High School, she studied (Theoretical) Mathematics at Leiden University and Econometrics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. During that period she took lessons and studied drums intensively, playing in different bands & projects.

She played in different productions such as Cirque Stiletto (with leading lady Ellen ten Damme), Circus Yab Yum (featuring Nelly Frijda & Richard Groenendijk) and percussion group Slagerij van Kampen.
Apart from being a drummer, Emilie also developed herself as a percussion player. She studied a lot of different percussion instruments and took lessons from several top percussionists (e.g. Adel Gonzalez, Roicel Riveròn). She has experience playing percussion in different genres (dance, (electronic) pop, funk, soul, world, latin a.o.).
Next to performing, Emilie is a teacher as well: she teaches at Drumschool Cleuver and also gives percussion & music workshops at schools.